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The bird gazing the light!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I'm a bird.

I'm walking with my friends in the park.

My friends are seeking food on the grass.

Meanwhile,I stop and think.

I'm gazing the sunrise thoughtfully.

The sun is rising upon the trees.

The flash of sunlight is radiating in all directions.

My friends are basking in the sunshine,

joyfully eating their breakfast.

While,I'm still contemplating the sunrise.

I'm receiving the abundance of the nature.

I'm absorbing the essence of sunshine,

I'll become a smart bird.

I'm a little girl.

I'm playing with my friends in the village.

My friends are running on the grass.

Meanwhile,I stop and listen.

I'm listening to the Chinese radio.

My heart is beating fast.

I'm overjoyed.

Chairman Mao is proudly announcing :

The new China is founded on Oct. 1 of 1949.

From that crucial moment,

Girls are entitled to receive education.

I'm going to study in the school,

I'll become a wise girl.

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