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Sunset in the park!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Today was Sep. 11 of 2020.

It was Friday.

We were under the restrictions of pandemic.

I was a 9 years old boy.

I used to play in a park.

It was my favourite park

-Where I could run around freely,

and make friends happily!

My mother is so kind,

She always respects my choice.

I pleaded:

"can I go to the park,mother"

She answered

"yes,my dearest son"

We went to the park together.

I was too excited to see my old friends.

We were cheerfully running around the park.

We were joyfully jumping on the trampoline.

As we were taking a rest,

the sun was just setting on the tree.

We were gazing the sunset peacefully.

The pink clouds were surrounding the sun,

just as kids surrounding the playground.

Now,it is 2022.

The pandemic is over.

We become the happiest kids.

Nothing can take away the joy of us

-to enjoy the pleasurable moment together!

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