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The Halloween sun!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Halloween is coming.

The rain is pouring!

I'm a toddler just learned to walk.

I'm pleading to my mother

"Can we go for trick-and-treat?"

My mother is looking at me,

With love,with affection.

"Son,we have to wait.

when the rain stops.

when the sun comes out."

I'm looking out of the window.

I'm praying with my breath.

"Sun, coming out please.

Little me wants to see you!"

The clouds are parting.

The sun is peeking.

My mother is smiling.

We are cheering.

We're walking out together.

To see the beautiful sunshine.

To see the joyful people.

To trick-and-treat in the mall.

To celebrate my first Halloween.

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