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Full moon in the dawn!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Full moon,full moon.

I'm seeing you again.

Though,the cloud is covering you.

The foggy ring is surrounding you.

I'm recognizing the face of you.

I'm finding the beauty of you.

I'm telling the kindness of you.

I'm receiving the love of you.

You're appearing in the dawn peacefully.

You're illuminating the lake joyfully.

You're smiling to me elegantly.

You're greeting a new day gladly.

Soon ,the sun is rising from the east.

The sun is radiating a diamond scattering splendor.

You're disappearing from the sky gracefully.

You're departing me quietly.

Tomorrow,I will wake up earlier.

I will run to the lake.

I will meet you again.

We will embrace a beautiful day together!

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