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I'm free where I'm.I'm solid where I'm.I'm the nature,nature is me.Where I go,I find my true home!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Being an island unto myself.Coming home to myself.Cultivating solidity where I'm.feeling free where I'm.Finding stability within myself,giving love to my loved-ones!Being compassionate to myself,spreading loving-kindness to all-beings!

Buddha said:"you have to make the present moment into the most wonderful moment."It's possible!

Listening to my master Thay and following Buddha's wisdom,I find my true home in the here and in the now!There're beautiful clouds in the blue sky,there're wood ducks resting in the clean pond,there're flowers blooming in the early spring,there're birds happily chirping on the tree!The water and sky are in same colour,the human and nature are in harmony,the birds and me are interbeing!I'm welcoming all the wonders to my home in the morning of the early spring!

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