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Dawn lights!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

The compelling lights in the dawn.

The colourful clouds in the sky.

The mountain huts among the trees.

The lovely family in the hut.

I'm a fish living in the lake.

I'm swimming freely around the lotus roots.

I'm jumping cheerfully up the lotus leaves.

I'm a fish wearing shining scales.

I'm a fish longing for freedom.

Fisherman,please spare me!

I'm a stroller walking leisurely in the morning .

I'm a wonder-seeker looking for wonders in the lake.

I'm kissing mother earth with my feet.

I'm touching trees with my fingers.

I'm smelling the lake with my breath.

I'm feeling the beauty of fish with my heart.

I'm celebrating a new day with the joyful fish.

Fisherman,please spare us!

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