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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The pink clouds are surrounding the mountain.

The pink clouds are floating under the lake.

The sun is rising upon the trees.

The sunshine is warming up the lotus lake.

The lake is evaporating with the sunshine.

The pink gasses are dancing with rippling of the lake.

The pink gasses are flying to the sky.

It's becoming a pink cloud appearing in the dawn.

It's becoming a morning dew crystal clear shining on the lotus.

It's becoming the raindrops gently falling into the lake.

It's becoming tears of the joy dropping from the stroller.

The stroller is strolling around the lake.

The stroller is seeking Thay in the cloud.

The stroller is following Thay's teaching in the morning.

The stroller is shedding the tears of happiness now.

It's becoming a big dew under the lotus leave

-A beautiful lotus lake!

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