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Moon lake!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The full moon is shining in the dawn.

The full moon is greeting to me with her beauty.

I'm a guest of the lake.

I'm a stroller contemplating full moon peacefully.

The full moon is illuminating the lake.

The full moon is talking to me softly

-the blessed lady.

You're my old friend.

I have been watching you,

since you were a little girl.

I'm answering cheerfully

-my beloved full moon,

I was that lucky child.

I have been looking for you,

since being in my mother' arms.

I was kissing my mother joyfully,

I was giving my fresh smile to you.

In this honoured moment,

Mother nature is hugging me gently.

Full moon is nurturing me peacefully.

Everything is coming back to me

-I'm the blessed child.

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