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The rising sun and the falling leaf!

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The winter is coming.

The weather is cooling.

I'm the rising sun.

I'm shining through the trees in the morning.

I'm brightening the garden in the park.

I'm lighting hope deeply in the heart of a visitor.

I'm illuminating the earth during the four seasons.

I'm the falling leaf.

I'm turning golden and red in the fall.

I'm kissing mother earth,

becoming soil in the winter.

I'm receiving a seed in the spring.

I'm becoming a new tree,

inviting birds to sing in the summer.

I'm a visitor of the garden.

I'm saying "hi" to the rising sun.

I'm saying"bye" to the falling leaf.

I'm enjoying the flying leaf as the dancing butterfly.

I'm embracing winter as a beautiful spring.

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