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The stones,wave and cloud!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

We're the stones.

We're living in the vast ocean.

The fish and the starfish are surrounding us.

The gems are hiding inside us.

The corals are together with us.

Everyday,we're watching our wave friend

-up and down,up and down.

When the wave is up,

the surfers are surfing happily in the ocean.

When the wave is down,

the kids are playing cheerfully on the sands.

The birds are bravely flying to the wave.

The boaters are going all out on the surface.

We're quietly sitting there,

listening to the voice of ocean,

looking into the blue sky.

A cloud is greeting to us magically:

I'll join to you soon.

I used to be your wave friend.

we are neighbours.

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