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Sakib Hossain
Mar 30, 2022
In Wellness Forum
It is then determined how technology and people can work together on an optimal relationship with the user or the citizen. Tip for the ambitious communication professional in 2021: build a bridge to the IT department, over the existing barriers. Collaborate with a common goal: to optimize the connections between companies and their audiences. Start with a weekly coffee session and build from there. Whoever succeeds in this, is ready for 2021 – and beyond. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest… As an organization you have a lot of choice to use one or more platforms as a means of communication. You often use as many social media channels as possible to reach your target group. But there is a good chance that you no longer see the forest for the trees. Which platform is best to choose? Thoughtful choice The choice for a social media Whatsapp Number List platform should not depend on what is the most popular platform at the time. You should base the choice on your social media strategy, in which you describe, among other things, what you want to achieve online. Think of: Increasing brand awareness. Monitoring for questions and complaints. More interaction with your target group(s). Generating more traffic to your website. In order to choose the right platform, it is important to know your target audience well. Think of interests, what they expect from you, but also on which channels they are active. For example, you can opt for Facebook, because this is the largest platform at the moment, but if your target group is hardly on it, it is a waste of your time. 5 social media platforms compared The Constant Contact infographic below will help you on your way.
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Sakib Hossain

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